10 Tips: Supporting Someone with Anxiety

Everyone has felt nervous or concerned. Anxiety is uncontrolled worry or fear. We often think of anxiety as an illness. But it’s important to remember that anxiety is a natural emotion.

Here are some common signs of anxiety:

1. Irritability

2. Trouble concentrating

3. Trouble relaxing

4. Restlessness

5. Muscle tension

6. Sleep difficulties

Symptoms of anxiety can vary. It can be excessive worry that an individual finds hard to control.

Here are some tips for being a helpful and supportive ally:

  1. SUPPORT – Be there for them
  2. ROUTINE – Predictability is good
  3. EXERCISE – For those feel good hormones
  4. SLEEP – We need 9-10 hours
  5. RELAXATION – Breathing Exercises
  6. DIET – Fuel the Body – Fuel the Mind
  7. MINGLE – Fuel the Body – Fuel the Mind
  8. PERSPECTIVE – It’s not all about you
  9. ACKNOWLEDGE – Their feelings and fears
  10. TALK – Let them explain

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