As a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach and Trainer, I am a multi-passionate professional who uses her training and coaching qualifications to help parents and busy professionals enjoy their lives while being in action towards what they want and to also take exceptional care of themselves. For 5 years, that’s what I do every day, I work individually and with groups that want to grow.

I can accompany you to achieve results, new levels of awareness and growth in Romanian and English language.  Having lived on two continents, worked with more than 30 nationalities, I am connected to the international environment and current challenges in coaching .

My favorite work is NLP Coaching for individuals because of its model of how we construct patterns of thought and the techniques which can be applied for rapid change.

I do this work because I’ve definitely spent a lot of time in my life holding myself back, playing small, and not taking action towards what I want.
But what I know for sure is that EVERYTHING changes when you commit to taking empowered action towards what you want. Because this has been life-changing for me, I want this for my clients too.

Supporting people to expand their consciousness and potential so they can lead fulfilling, flowing, and impactful work-lives, is what I am passionate about.
By providing holistic, personal and professional development to my clients I help them create meaningful careers, be conscious leaders or business owners, and live in alignment with who they really are.

I work with both individuals and organizations in Romania and abroad, providing one-on-one coaching, workshops, leadership and parenting training.

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Let’s have a quick chat to see if we are right for one another and if coaching or training is a service you are interested in.

Message me at contact@ileanadaiansova.com and book a complimentary consultation call!
I aim to respond to any inquiries within 48 hours.

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