I consider the coaching with NLP course to be a significant milestone in my life. I am truly grateful to Ileana. It has changed me for the better as a person and I observed this change occur in each and every person who attended the course.


I took some time in deciding which coaching course I wished to embark on and after doing extensive research on NLP it was clear to me that Ileana would be a first class trainer and one I could hand my trust over to.


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10 Tips: Supporting Someone with Anxiety

Everyone has felt nervous or concerned. Anxiety is uncontrolled worry or fear. We often think of anxiety as an illness. But it’s important to remember that anxiety is a natural emotion. Here are some common signs of anxiety: 1. Irritability 2. Trouble concentrating 3. Trouble relaxing 4. Restlessness 5. Muscle tension 6. Sleep difficulties Symptoms … Continue reading 10 Tips: Supporting Someone with Anxiety

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