As parents it’s so important to see each one of our children as unique and special in their own right.

Your child is the original, celebrate that, don’t try and make them what they aren’t or what you feel comfortable with them being. Don’t live your dreams through them, look, listen and learn what makes them unique and draw it out of them, champion them on to be their own masterpiece, a one off that no one can copy. Example this for them, do all you can to be happy with who you are and this may mean some good thinking, perhaps even talking to a professional and getting some counselling so you can sort out some of your baggage, if you have any. Be free to be you and celebrate the uniqueness of the individuals in your home. Let the unique in all be the ingredients that shape the culture of your family. As parents it’s so important to see each one of our children as unique and special in their own right.

A few tips for the journey:

1) Find what they love, encourage them before they become really good at it, stretch them, empower them, expose them to ways of developing these gifts they were born with.  

2) Take them out of their comfort zones whilst still being their safety net. 

3) Show them how much you value their uniqueness and how it helps to complement your family.

4) Talk to your extended family and ask them to celebrate and encourage your children. The more confirmation the more confidence they will experience. If you don’t have extended family that can go this I am sure you have friends who can.

5) Tell their preschool teacher and school teacher the unique gifts you see your child having and watch them start to recognise it and may be even be able to point out more to you that they have observed.

6) Believe in your child’s uniqueness, speak it into them and over them, be genuine, not pushy but always celebrate it.

7) Remember we are all God’s masterpiece, a one off, of huge value and can never be repeated even when we have strong qualities we inherit.

8) Be you and set the world on fire, allow your child to be themselves celebrating their uniqueness all the way and watch them make you proud to be their parents as they set their world on fire. 

We are all given our uniqueness to add value to our world, family, and friends and beyond. Help them see how their uniqueness is needed and how it makes a difference to them and everyone else when they live it out.