Confidentiality policy

Confidentiality policy

Your confidence and your safety are essential to us. We commit ourselves to respect these, and for unconditional transparency, we invite you to read carefully this privacy policy. You will find important information about how your personal data is used, stored and protected.

Commitment to Confidentiality and Transparency

• We fully respect your privacy and your options;

• We promise not to alienate, in whole or in part, your personal data;

• We make sure that the security and confidentiality of your personal is basic in everything we do;

• You can request or choose, at any time, to interrupt our communications and permanently delete your personal data from our database;

• We are committed to keeping your data safe and guarantee that we do not work with third parties.

• We are completely transparent about how we use your data.

Collection of Personal Data

When you choose to register for our newsletter, from the website, belonging to the same domain, when you choose to register for an event or to purchase a service, you are required to provide us with personal data, such as name, first name, email address and/or phone number.
We never collect personal information about visitors who just access the website. All the information we collect and/or receive bears the collective name of „Personal data.”

Personal Data Storage

Personal data can only be accessed by our marketing team, with the sole purpose of managing and sending marketing information and communications directly, through the e-mail service, according to your options.

Personal data have the sole purpose of continuous information and direct marketing and will be stored for an unlimited period of time and/or until your request for cessation of communication is received.

You can unsubscribe, at any time, from our communications, by accessing the „unsubscribe” link, from the end of any newsletter; and for the complete deletion of your personal data, please write to us at Within 48 hours, a member of our team will contact you to confirm the resolution of your request.

Our goal is to provide the services in a way that the information is protected against accidental or malicious destruction. Therefore, after you delete information, we may not immediately delete the backup copies of our active servers and not delete the information from our backup systems, only after a 30 days period.

What Information We Do NOT Collect

We will never request and process the following categories of information:

• Personal data related to racial or ethnic origin, political, religious, philosophical or similar beliefs, union membership or health status and sexual life;

• Genetic and biometric data;

• Data that allow, directly or indirectly, the geographical localization of individuals through electronic means of communication;

• Personal data relating to the commission of offenses by the data subject or to criminal convictions, security measures or administrative or contraventional sanctions applied to the data subject;

• Data aimed at monitoring and/or evaluating personality issues, such as professional competence, credibility, behavior or the like;

• Data aimed at adopting individual automatic decisions in relation to the analysis of the solvency, the economic-financial situation, the facts likely to attract the disciplinary, contraventional or criminal liability of the individual.

Legislation in Force

The Privacy Policy governing the website is subject to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 applicable from May 25, 2018.

Legal Representative

ILEANA DĂIAN-ȘOVA is the sole and exclusive owner of all information collected through the website

Contact Information

For any additional information or requests regarding the Privacy Policy and the General Terms and Conditions for using the website, you can write to us at any time at

Last updated:
May 6, 2020