How Full Is Your Well?

When your inner well is full, you feel raring to go and on top of the world.

But, when your inner well is empty, you feel out of steam. It’s important to know how you’re feeling because it affects how you act each day.

Sit around the table with a pitcher of water and a transparent glass for each family member. One person at a time pours water into their glass to the level that matches how they are feeling, how full their well is. As you do this, talk about the reason the water level is at the place it is. Once you have done this, it will be easy to tell each other on a bad day that your well is empty. It also helps to know if someone’s well is empty, since you might be able to help them find a way to fill it up by giving them a few minutes of peace, watching a younger sibling for a while, or giving a helping hand.

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