The purpose of feedback is to gain Awareness.

Understanding where there is or is not awareness in an individual is important to their professional development.

Feedback as a function is often seen as a negative – „what I did wrong”. This perception does little to empower anyone, creates fixed mindsets, can lead to defensive behaviors and cause stress.

Feedback is NOT about failure!

No person has all the answers, this is why mentoring is a profound and benevolent process. Together mentor and mentee can build a relationship based on trust enabling both to grow, learn, develop and support each other in their learning. It is not a one-way process.

Feedback is a process for gaining awareness and that may come from inside or outside the person. Knowing ourselves (as mentor or mentee) and the way react to the world around us ensures that we can be as effective as possible.

We cannot not communicate, so developing emotional intelligence and awareness is essential for growth.

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