Your Mind

Imagine your mind is like a kaleidoscope, which has been left to form its own patterns over the years. Sometimes it falls one way and a pattern forms. Some time later the kaleidoscope is knocked and it rolls into a different position, so the pattern changes and settles there for a while. Maybe this continues for a number of years until one day you decide to pick up the kaleidoscope and take control of pattern making.
With one small twist the whole colour scheme changes and forms a completely new and more exciting pattern.

Twist again and another one appears and so on. The real challenge now is to decide which of the patterns is the most beautiful – or, in terms of thought patterns, the most useful, empowering and enabling.

So what is inside the kaleidoscope that makes up so many different patterns?

Your patterns, in the kaleidoscope, represent how you think about yourself and your experiences including:

Values: what’s important to you personally.

Beliefs: what you believe about yourself and others.

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