Resilience is a concept that has become a part of the parenting lexicon over the past decade or so in many other countries.
It’s certainly a concept we’ve been talking and writing about for over two decades, and its importance can’t be understated, particularly if you listen to futurists such as Mark McCrindle.
He predicts that the children born in 2010 and beyond will have a minimum of five careers and twenty different employers in their lifetime. Gone is the job for life, replaced by a series of mini-careers, according to McCrindle. He claims we need to get used to being employed for the life of a particular project and then be prepared to look for other projects upon completion. If this scenario is accurate, and I suspect it is because it’s happening already, then young people entering the workforce of the future will need personal resilience to handle the ups, downs and disappointments that will come from more flexible working arrangements.

During the WEBINAR we will talk about:
1. Is resilience nature or nurture?
2. Do life experiences contribute to children’s resilience?

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