Growth and Learning

Babies need lots of opportunities to discover their mobility. Just as a turtle flipped on its shell cannot get up and go, neither can an infant on its back. Our practices create outcomes. The time to put best practices into place is at the beginning of every child’s life, when the greatest long-term gain can be realized.

Tummy Time Tips and Tricks:

  • Infants enjoy tummy time on a soft matted surface with a primary caregiver at the same level. Infants will be delighted with sensory responsive toys like chiffon scarves and musical instruments.
  • Infants placed on their tummies in close proximity to one another will engage in observing their friends. Stay with the infant and support them with your reassuring touches and supportive words.
  • When infants fight tummy time engage them with songs, rhymes and movement while they are on their tummy. The goal is to daily increase time spent on their tummy.
  • Sing rhymes like Itsy Bitsy Spider and run your hands up and down their body like a spider. Put enticing instruments in front of them and tap the rhythm of the music on their bottom, toes and back.
  • Place baby prone on your chest and let them rest on you.
  • Bring their arms in close to their body so they can learn to push up and develop their head/neck strength.
  • Gently support the bottom of their feet with your hands, bending their knees.

This gives them support to push with their lower limbs and helps connect the lower body with the upper body.

Dear new mom, please slow down! One of the things that is hardest for most of us in our fast-paced world is slowing down and enjoying these early months and years. Much of what makes a good life for a baby are long, slow times of gazing into each other’s eyes, connecting, holding, rocking, smiling, talking and offering calming touch.

Slow down, relax and enjoy this really important year.

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