I am extremely grateful for the ‘’7 Days of Gratitude’’ challenge.

Why? Mainly, because I learnt that you can change the current state you’re in with a gratitude one, you are allowed to be happy, to do more stuff and to evolve.

This change of focus stops fear, disappointment or sadness, and starts happiness, positivity and calmness.

The beauty of this challenge is that you can choose to be grateful anytime.

For example, if you get fired, you might start your day with an amplified negative energy.

You can chose to remain in this state for the entire day or more, or you can decide to be grateful feeling lucky that you have a place to call HOME.

You can also be thankful for the new lesson learned.

You can be grateful to have someone near that helps and encourages you to find a new job.

The simple fact of being grateful for the small things in your life in the middle of a challenge helps you grow.

So, what do you say? Will you accept the challenge?

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