My GRATITUDE journal for KIDS

Gratitude is a powerful tool for kids and families looking to build bonds. But it’s hard to teach unless it’s a value deeply ingrained into the everyday life of parents.

For Kids to Be Grateful, Parents Must Model Gratitude

It’s important to note that telling a kid to be thankful doesn’t actually do anything. Kids learn by example. Parents who live in a way that shows gratitude for what they have will foster gratitude in their child. A parent who doesn’t walk through the world with a feeling of entitlement will likely raise a gracious kid. A parent who acknowledges the generosity of others will raise kids who are thankful.

Is that a tough pill for many parents to swallow? Yep.

I invite you to accept the challenge of practicing gratitude for 7 days, together with your kids so that you’ll bring more happiness and fulfillment in your life.

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