Truth vs. Lies

Truth is the straight line in morals. It is the shortest distance between a fact and the expression of it.

The foundations of truth should ever be laid in childhood. It is then that parents should instill into the young mind the instant, automatic turning to truth, making it the constant atmosphere of the mind and life. Let the child know that „Truth above all things” should be the motto of its life.

Parents make a great mistake when they look upon a lie as a disease in morals; it is not always a disease in itself, it is but a symptom. Behind every untruth is some reason, some cause, and it is this cause that should be removed.

The lie may be the result of fear, the attempt to cover a fault and to escape punishment. Also it may be merely the evidence of an over-active imagination or it may be the hunger for praise that leads the child to win attention and to startle others by wonderful stories.

Constantly telling a child not to lie is giving life and intensity to „the lie.”

The true method is to quicken the moral muscles from the positive side, urge the child to be honest, to be faithful, to be loyal, and to be fearless to the truth.

I urge you to tell him ever of the nobility of courage to speak the true, to live the right, to hold fast to principles of honor in every moment.

And the most important aspect of this is that the parents must live the truth or the child will not live it.

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