People LOVE talking about themselves.

They love telling you how great they are, or how hard their life is, or how unfairly their boss treats them, or how hard they are working and how exhausted they are, or…

It’s human nature. We care about ourselves and we want to talk about OUR life, OUR problems, OUR relationships, OUR goals, OUR ambitions etc.…

So, why not practice conversation generosity?

Why not give people the pleasure of talking about their aspirations, their problems, their struggles, etc.?

Why not give them the pleasure of doing most of the talking? We’ve got nothing to lose and a LOT to gain.

Conversation generosity is the easiest, simplest, and surest way there is to win a friend.

Next time you’re in a conversation with someone, just ask yourself: Who is doing most of the talking? You or your opposite? What are you talking about? Only about your life, your problems, your interests? Or mainly about the other persons’ life, problems, and interests?

Slow down and let the other person talk if you catch yourself talking too much.

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