My Daddy’s Very Busy

Albert’s father was an extremely important and busy man who worked so many hours that he often had to work whole weekends.

One Sunday, Albert woke early and, hearing his Dad opening the front door to go to his office, Albert ran to ask him some questions:
– Why do you have to go to work today, Daddy? We could play …
– I can’t. I have some very important matters to see to.
– And why are they so important, Daddy?
– Well, because if they turn out well, they will mean a great deal for the company.
– And why will they mean a great deal?
– Well, because the company will make a lot of money, and it’s possible they’ll promote me.
– And why do you want them to promote you?
– Well, to have a better job and earn more money.
– Great! And when you have a better job will you be able to play with me?
Albert’s father thought for a while, so the boy continued with his questions.
– And why do you need to earn more money?
– Well, to be able to have a bigger and better house, and so that you can have more things.
– And what would we need a bigger house for? For somewhere to put all those new things?
– No, my son, because with a bigger house we’ll be more comfortable and we’ll be able to do more things.
Albert thought for a while, then smiled.
– Will we be able to do more things together? Great! Then go quickly. I will wait the remaining years before we have a bigger house.

On hearing this, Albert’s father closed the front door, without leaving. Albert was growing up very fast, and his father knew he couldn’t wait for so long. So he took off his jacket, left his computer and his reports, and sat with Albert to play with him. Albert, who was as surprised as he was delighted, said:
– Yes, I think the promotion and the new house can wait for a few years.

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