The Power of Words

Our mind doesn’t think in words… it thinks in images, pictures, and movies. The words we use are translated into movies/images by the mind. When we say “green lion”, our mind shows us a picture of a green lion. When we say “rabbits”, “pool”, “bridge”, our mind translates these words into pictures of rabbits, a pool, and a bridge.

Why is that important?

Well, because that means that we have to choose our words very carefully. Here’s a quick example: If you hear the word “Problem” you create pictures of something unpleasant, difficult, and hard to solve.
But if you use the word “Challenge”, your mind creates pictures of something exciting, sporty, fun, and pleasant.
If you use the word “Try”, then this tells your mind that it’s probably not so important. That you’ll just do your best, but ultimately it’s not a make or break situation.

This sounds super weird, but there is a big difference between saying, “I’ll do it” and saying “I’ll try to do it”. Seriously… Just merely trying to do something is a hassle.
The word “Try” almost presupposes that we will fail. Think about it. 
Has anyone ever said to you, “I’ll try to be there at 5 pm.” ?
Does that mean that they’ll be there at 5 pm? 
No… in fact, you have no clue when they’ll be there. 
Whereas if they said, “I’ll be there at 5 pm.”, then you could completely count on them being there at 5 pm.

Another such TERRIBLE word is “Bad”. Why do we have to continually label things as bad, without even having a clue how a certain so-called bad situation will turn out. How often does it happen that a supposedly bad thing turns out to be a great blessing in disguise? Labeling things as bad just doesn’t help you us in any way. We won’t ever know if something is ultimately good or bad.

As far as I know none of us can yet foresee the future…

Anyway, so how do you use this POWER OF WORDS?
Here are three ways that I use it in…

First, I restrict my use of certain words on purpose. As I’ve said earlier, I try to limit words like “try”, “bad”, “but”, “need”, “can’t”, and some more.

Second, I use only positive words to describe my mood and my feelings. If someone asks me how I’m doing, I don’t tell them that I’m tired or not feeling so well. This creates terrible pictures and emotions in my and my friend’s mind. Instead, I proudly say that I’m feeling GREAT or TERRIFIC. These words will create much more PLEASANT images and emotions.

Third, I use positive words when I’m talking with or about other people. I try to create pleasant pictures about other people. I often use phrases like “He’s an absolute LEGEND!” , “Such a GREAT lad!”, “She’s super FUN!”… and by the way I also use these phrases if I speak about the person I’m talking with. “Man, you’re really AMAZING at this!” ,“Wow, your … is GREAT!”,“I can really learn a lot from how you do that!”.

These positive words create positive emotions in both my and my friend’s brain.

In other words, to create pleasant feelings in the other person, I try to use emotionally packed words. The other person will start to associate you with these good feelings, which is an added benefit. 
So whenever they think about you or see you, they will automatically recreates those positive feelings.

Words have a lot of power… BRIGHT, BIG, CHEERFUL words create positive feelings. 
So, it will be beneficial for you if you start using these mood-enhancing, positive words.

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